Based on the true events when the American Army crossed the Niagara River to invade Upper Canada!

The ruthless burning of Newark (present day Niagara-on-the-Lake) forces the terrified homeless to flee through a winter blizzard. This launches British agent Lt. Jonathan Westlake on an urgent quest to find and eliminate the notorious traitor Joseph Willcocks before any more damage is done.

From the opulence of Dolley Madison's White House to the humble log cabins of Upper Canada, Westlake's prey remains elusive. Badly injured, the lieutenant meets Emma Hollingshead, an American who intimately nurses him back to health. The villages of Dover Mills and St. David's are next put to the torch until finally orders are delivered to the British navy that will bring the flames of destruction to the doors of Washington itself.

There Westlake will face a difficult question: How does one stay loyal to a friend when that friend drastically betrays his own principles?

"... captures the readers from the start and never let's go." Historical Novels Review





It’s the eve of the War of 1812.

Thomas Jefferson declares that it’s a “mere matter of marching” for the United States to seize Upper Canada!

 Jonathan Westlake, a young man ready to make his mark, returns home to York [now Toronto] from a successful fur trading expedition. Intervening in a scuffle to save a young woman’s life, he appears to have killed her stepfather. To escape arrest for murder, Westlake is now forced to join the British Army and pose as a fur trader while on a secret mission for Major General Isaac Brock.

In a frantic search for the girl he rescued, down Georgian Bay to Fort Detroit, Westlake discovers treachery in his own family circle. His friends, a French Canadian named Lapointe and a Shawnee native called Paxinos, will remain loyal to him in a battle that may cost all of them their lives.

As nations and men struggle for military supremacy in North America, the principal characters fight to the death over love, independence, and a fortune in furs.


“In Brock’s Agent, Tom Taylor writes with a passion, power, and pace that will leave you breathless and thirsty for more. A born storyteller, Taylor weaves a gripping yarn with the very strands of our own history.” — Terry Fallis, winner of Canada Reads and the Stephen Leacock Award for The Best Laid Plans and author of The High Road.




Is an escaped slave truly free, waking each morning seething with hatred for a former oppressor? If not, then what is freedom and how does one attain it?

August 23, 1812

 Young Ensign Jonathan Westlake sails on the schooner Chippewa toward Fort Erie at the mouth of the mighty Niagara River, escorting Mary Collins for a visit home to meet his parents. But Westlake’s leave is suddenly cancelled and Mary must be left behind. British General Isaac Brock orders him to Virginia to rescue a slave named Alexander the Great, a former sergeant in the King’s Army, who will lead the newly formed Company of Coloured Men.

When Westlake falls in love with a beautiful American woman, he begins a quest for his own understanding of freedom while leading his party against pursing slave catchers, hostile natives, and even the U.S. army.  In a race for their lives to escape the hunters, he searches for the location of three secret abolitionists, conductors on the new “underground railroad.”

Then, on the cool morning of October 13, 1812, the hunted become the hunters, as all the opposing forces collide in the legendary Battle of Queenston Heights. And Westlake learns that the price of freedom is higher than he ever imagined.


“Taylor paints an unforgettable picture of the War of 1812 in all its glory. With an appealing hero, Jonathan Westlake, and a dynamic legend, Isaac Brock, this is rip-roaring storytelling at its best.” Jill Downie award winning historical fiction novelist and author of the Moretti/Falla mystery series.




“The Americans were coming to kill him.”

So opens the novel as Agent Westlake returns in Brock’s Traitor!

Young Lieutenant Jonathan Westlake holds a two-month old unopened letter from the dead General Sir Isaac Brock. He knows these will be the last words he ever receives from his hero and mentor. But the delay in opening it is costly! At the highest levels in York’s garrison, there is a traitor selling vital intelligence to the enemy.
Brock’s letter sends Westlake on a deadly mission to find the traitor and his secret accomplices. Battling weather and enemy soldiers, Westlake fights his way across the frozen St. Lawrence River into American territory. At Sackets Harbor, he soon discovers that the largest combined army and naval invasion in American history is in the planning. How does the traitor figure into their plans and where will the bluecoats hit Upper Canada first - Kingston, Niagara, or York [now Toronto]?

An enticing barmaid, smugglers, and traitors on both sides teach Westlake that honour has a way of changing its meaning according to the circumstance.

Brock’s Traitor is a riveting thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the opening sentence to the grand finale. Hold on to your hats – you haven’t had a ride with historical fiction like this before!” - Lory Kaufman, best-selling author of the Verona Trilogy.