Brock's Assassin is here in Canada! Brock's Agent and the whole series is now available in the UK.

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If you are a consumer, please go to Chapters/Indigo bookstore or Chapters Online. In Uxbridge, Ontario, please go to Blue Heron Books at 62 Brock Street West. In Kingston, Ontario visit General Brock's Commissary at 86 Brock Street - a very special store that will surprise you! In Niagara, visit the Niagara Home Bakery on Queen Street! Or, visit the Table Rock store right at the Falls!!

 If you are a consumer in the United States of America, please visit the website. If you are a consumer in the United Kingdom, please visit the Amazon.UK website.

Brock's Agent , Brock's Railroad , Brock's Traitor, and Brock's Assassin are also sold in the Historic Forts of Ontario.

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The Historical Novels Review said the following about Brock's Agent: "...Taylor spins a well-rounded and riveting tale of war, love of country, and friendship ..."